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14th annual seminar of the China-Zentrum
The China-Zentrum invites to three lectures and a panel discussion on the subject of "Social Security in China" with Prof. Dr. Barbara Darimont (University of Ludwigshafen), Renée Rentke (Misereor) and priest Li Haiyan (St. Augustin) as lecturers.

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Welcome to the China Center

The China Center (China-Zentrum e.V.) has been in existence since 1988. Legally recognized as a non-profit organization, the China Center encourages encounters and exchange between cultures and religions in the West and in China.

Symposium "Faith-based social services in China today"

Prof. Deng Guosheng (Director of the Center for Innovation and Social Responsibility of Tsinghua University, Beijing), Prof. Wang Meixiu (Institute of World Religions at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in Beijing) and Fr. John B. Zhang (Jinde Charities, Shijiazhuang) (from left to right). Fotos: China-Zentrum e.V.

The contributions of the three Chinese speakers for the symposium "Faith-based Social services in China today," conducted by Caritas Germany and Jinde Charities in cooperation with the China-Zentrum in Freiburg/Germany, October 18–19, 2012, have been published in two issues of Religions & Christianity in Today’s China (中国宗教评论) and are available here on our website:

Deng Guosheng
The Decline of Foreign Aid and the Dilemma of the Chinese Grassroots NGOs

Wang Meixiu
Church-State Relations and Their Impact on Christian Charity in China – Retrospect and Preview

John B. Zhang
Walking in Love and Service Together with China and the Chinese Church

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