Das China-Zentrum e.V. besteht seit 1988. Der als gemeinnützig anerkannte Verein fördert Begegnungen und den Austausch zwischen den Kulturen und Religionen im Westen und in China.

A Unique Situation: The Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong Twenty Years after the City’s Handover

Even without considering the political aspects of the two decades since the transfer of sovereignty over Hong Kong from Great Britain to China on July 1, 1997, the effect on Hong Kong’s Catholic Church has been quite unique, and no other local church in the world has experienced anything like it.
The Hong Kong Church almost experienced the retirement of two Cardinals. Cardinal Zen retired as the Bishop of Hong Kong in 2009, after repeated applications to the Holy See. His successor was Bishop of the diocese, Cardinal Tong, who was not too much younger than Cardinal Zen. Both of them had been consecrated bishops together in 1996 as part of the strategy of preparation for a smooth transition of Hong Kong’s sovereignty in 1997.

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