The China-Zentrum e.V. was established in 1988. The aim of this officially recognized nonprofit organization is to foster encounters and exchange between cultures and religions in the West and in China. The members of the China-Zentrum are Catholic aid organizations, religious orders and dioceses in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy.

The China-Zentrum e.V.

The main tasks of the China-Zentrum are

Information and Conscientization about Religions in China, inter alia, by:

  • The publication of the journal China heute and the e-journal Religions & Christianity in Today’s China (RCTC)
  • An Annual Seminar of the China-Zentrum on issues which are important in terms of societal concerns
  • Lectures
  • Contacts with state authorities and media

Dialogue and promotion of social and academic cooperation with partners in China, in particular with a view to the Catholic Church in China, inter alia, by:

  • Visits of delegations
  • Meetings of Chinese and German students
  • European cooperation (inter alia European Catholic China Colloquia)

Research on Christianity and its history in China as well as on the other religions present in the Chinese cultural sphere (in cooperation with the Monumenta Serica Institute), inter alia, by:

  • Publications
  • Collection of books located in the library of the the Monumenta Serica Institute
  • Exhibitions

A look back at 25 Years China-Zentrum e.V. PDF

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