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“Everything is related”. The 10th European Catholic China Colloquium in Siegburg focused on Laudato Si’, Technoscience and the Church in China

Katharina Wenzel-Teuber
“Never has humanity had such power over itself, yet nothing ensures that it will be used wisely,” wrote Pope Francis in his Encyclical Laudato Si’, referring to the technological possibilities of the present. China is one of the world’s leading nations in the development and especially the application of artificial intelligence and other new technologies. What are the consequences of technological progress for humanity, how do we arrive at an ethic of dealing with it, what is China’s role? What do the new technologies mean for society and churches in China? This question was addressed at the 10th European Catholic China Colloquium, which took place in Siegburg, Germany, from 30th August to 1st September 2019.
For Pope Francis, “everything is related” – emphasized Professor Massimo Borghesi of the University of Perugia in his lecture.

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