The China Center (China-Zentrum e.V.) has been in existence since 1988. Legally recognized as a non-profit organization, the China Center encourages encounters and exchange between cultures and religions in the West and in China.

“What you want to ignite in others must burn within you” Obituary on Fr. Roman Malek SVD (1951–2019) – for Many Years Editor-in-chief of China heute and Founding Director of the China-Zentrum

Fr. Prof. Dr. Roman Malek SVD died unexpectedly in Grudziądz in Poland on 29 November 2019. For more than forty years Fr. Malek belonged to the Steyl Missionary community in Sankt Augustin and worked additionally as director of the sinological Monumenta Serica Institute, as lecturer at the Philosophical-Theological Faculty SVD of St. Agustin, and in pastoral ministry. He was a formative figure on the SVD campus but also worked over and beyond that. Through his numerous activities he contributed greatly to raise awareness of China and the Church in China.

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