On this page the China Center keeps you up to date on the situation of the religions and of the Christian Churches in China. 

Sinicization / Inculturation (in Religious Policies, Art and Architeture)

On this page you will find selected articles regarding the question of “sinicization” of the Catholic Church in China and its inculturation in the Chinese context from current and historical perspectives. The sinicization is closely linked to Chinese religious policies, whereas inculturation of Catholicism is given expression, inter alia, in art and architecture.

Li Jingxi
Reflections on the Sinicization of the Catholic Church in China PDF

Fünfjahres-Arbeitsplan für das Vorantreiben des Festhaltens des Katholizismus unseres Landes an der Ausrichtung auf Sinisierung (2018–2022)
Dokument PDF

Matteo Nicolini-Zani
“The Monastery Will Be a Chinese House”:
The Inculturation of the Church in China from the Perspective of the History of Catholic Monasticism PDF

Michael Lackner
„Kultur Chinas“ – „Kultur des Christentums“ – wie vereinbar sind sie?
Gedanken zu Jaques Gernets Chinas Begegnung mit dem Christentum PDF

Leopold Leeb
Das chinesische Gesicht von Jesus Christus PDF

Gregor Weimar SVD
The “Sinicized” National Seminary of Beijing:
Liu Bainian’s Ideas for a Chinese Catholic Church PDF

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