Statistics on Religions and Churches in the People’s Republic of China – Update for the Year 2020

Katharina Wenzel-Teuber

In this issue of our annual statistical update, we present, as always, some newly published studies. This time it is about “Western religion fever” in rural China, the “Chinese cultural identity” of religious adherents, the connection between religiosity and the willingness to donate, the development of Buddhist religious life in China and reasons why Chinese become Christians. We also bring figures on the individual religions from the year 2020 or – since new figures are not available for each religion every year – from previous years.


为使中国中心能继续其促进中西方文化和宗教的相遇与交流之工作, 为能保证《中国教讯》和英语电子期刊《中国宗教评论》的定期出版, 我们需要您的经济援助.