Hong Kong Taken Over by the National Security Law

Gianni Criveller

Sunday September 6, 2020, was another (yet again!) black day for Hong Kong. Three hundred arrests on the day of the postponed parliamentary elections. By means of the convenient alibi of contagion, which was clearly a pretext as fortunately the pandemic is definitely under control in Hong Kong, coronavirus provided the easy way out, functioning as a subsidiary for anti-democratic policies. It was evident, after the administrative elections of November 2019, that the democratic parties would win all the directly elected seats available to them. In the meantime, some particularly controversial candidates had been “disqualified” and could no longer be included in the electoral roll. Moreover, Beijing froze the current parliament for another year. The majority of the seats therefore remain with the pro-China coalition. One wonders whether Hong Kong will ever again have a parliament in which people can elect at least part of the seats; or even if there will again be fair elections ...

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