Statistics on Religions and Churches in the People’s Republic of China – Update for the Year 2020

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A Perpetual Migrant Church? — 125 Years of Orthodox Mission in Taiwan

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When Ancestors Are a Problem

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The Chinese Face of Jesus Christ

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The China Center (China-Zentrum e.V.) has been in existence since 1988. Legally recognized as a non-profit organization, the China Center encourages encounters and exchange between cultures and religions in the West and in China.



Jahresakademie 2021 – Zoom Webinar

„Taiwan ist nicht Hongkong – Selbstbestimmung in Freiheit: Traum oder Wirklichkeit?“


Msgr. Wolfgang Huber, Vorstandsvositzender des China Zentrums

Felix Lee, taz, Berlin (2012–2019 China-Korrespondent in Peking)

Dr. Angela Stanzel, Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik (Berlin), Forschungsgruppe Asien (2014–2019 Asienprogramm des European Council on Foreign Relations ECFR)

Mit anschließender Diskussion

Jürgen Kahl, Neue Zürcher Zeitung

Focus China

Sunday September 6, 2020, was another (yet again!) black day for Hong Kong. Three hundred arrests on the day of the postponed parliamentary elections. By means of the convenient alibi of contagion, which was clearly a…

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Living in the Anthropocene, we have new possibilities to make use of technology. Studying ancient Chinese philosophy, we learn that the essence of technology can be characterized by the concept of an ongoing dynamic…

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The encyclical Laudato si’. On Care of Our Common Home was published in 2015. Similarly to what happened with the apostolic exhortation of 2013, Evangelii Gaudium, this encyclical has sparked a public debate. The…

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This year’s statistical update on religions in China focuses on recent results from the China Family Panel Studies. In addition, we present figures on the individual religions from 2019 or – as new figures are not…

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The Unequal Treaties (1842–1860) were for China the most humiliating events in its history. They caused wounds in the hearts of all Chinese which till now are not healed. The history of the Catholic Church in China was…

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Churches closed or destroyed; crosses torn down from bell towers or ripped from the walls of the churches; domes razed to the ground; ancient statues of shrines seized; religious signs removed from inside and outside…

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