“A City Set on a Hill”: A Priest and His Church Whose Design Had Been Revised Seven Times

Song Mingyan

“It feels like God lives in it!” Netizen Albion may or may not have faith, but these seven simple words are undoubtedly an extremely high valuation for a church. The Liulin Catholic Church is located in Liulin Town, Liulin County, Lüliang City, Shanxi Province. The consecration ceremony of the Liulin Catholic Church was held on October 20, 2021. More than 1,000 priests and parishioners attended the solemn High Mass.Everyone marvelled at the ingenuity and beauty of the church design. But who would have thought that the design drawings of the Liulin Church had to go through seven drafts because the parishioners found that they “did not resemble a church enough.” In this process of changing the design seven times until settling on one design, priest Ren Min 任敏, the priest of this church, proved his “tenacity” and “comprehension.”


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