Neo-Missionaries in Republican China. A Study of Selected Training Materials Mostly in Bilingual Format for the Divine Word Missionaries in Shandong


Statistics on Religions and Churches in the People’s Republic of China – Update for the Year 2022

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Preface to Tseng Shaokai 曾劭恺 (ed.), Wenhua xuanjiao 文化宣教 (“Cultural Mission”), Jidujiao wenyi chubanshe 基督教文艺出版社, Taiwan (planned for summer 2023)


Xi Jinping’s Zongjiao Zhongguohua (Chinazation of Religion) and the Christian Idea of Inculturation


Truly Chinese, Truly Christian: An Exploration of the ronghe yu huitong – The Inculturation Model of Archbishop Stanislaus Lo Kuang

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中国中心成立于1988年. 作为非营利机构促进着中西方文化和宗教的相遇与交流.


Jahresakademie 2024 – „Wo stehen Chinas Bürger:innen in Xi Jinpings Ära großer Ambitionen?“

Donnerstag, 11. April 2024, 15.00 Uhr

Msgr. Wolfgang Huber, Vorstandsvorsitzender des China-Zentrums

Katja Drinhausen, Leiterin Programmbereich Innenpolitik und Gesellschaft, Mercator Institute for China Studies (MERICS), Berlin
“2024 – Wo stehen Chinas Bürger:innen in Xi Jinpings Ära großer Ambitionen?”

Katharina Wenzel-Teuber, Chefredakteurin von China heute

Präsenzveranstaltung und Zoom Webinar

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On January 22, 2023 the Year of the Rabbit began in China. The rabbit (tuzi 兔子) is the fourth animal in the Chinese zodiac signs. This year, which according to the traditional counting is guimao 癸卯, it is connected with…


11. „Wer mich kennt, sagt, ich sei im Herzen traurig“
Reporter: Sie haben von Ihrem Problembewusstsein gesprochen und von Ihren Interessen, die Sie durch diese Jahre begleitet haben. Bitte fassen Sie noch einmal Ihre…


The Conference took place from 19–23 October 2022 in Macerata, the birthplace of the Jesuit China missionary Matteo Ricci (Li Madou 利玛窦, 1552–1610) in the Marche region of Italy. One of the main purposes of the…


Whoever is Lu Bohong? In 1938 one would have been more likely to know the answer than today, because the Catholic entrepreneur and active “apostle of charity” was internationally known; in fact alongside Ma Xiangbo…


Flying into Lijiang is a test in one’s nerves and trust in the pilots. The plane winds its way into the valleys, its wings looking like they may barely miss mountain ridges. It is a bit unnerving, but this is the normal…


Up till now no cases of sexualised violence are known from the Catholic Church in Mainland China. The problem is not or is hardly discussed in the Chinese Church on the Main ­ land and is generally taboo. With his…