In addition to the journal China heute and the e-journal Religions & Christianity in Today’s China (RCTC), the China-Zentrum also publishes monographs on Christianity in China. 



ROMAN MALEK, Intercultural encounters: From Kaifeng ... to Shanghai. Jews in China. An Introduction.

From Kaifeng ... : HERBERT FRANKE, Der Weg nach Osten. Jüdische Niederlassungen im Alten China (The Way Eastward. Jewish Settlements in Old China);  DONALD DANIEL LESLIE, Integration, Assimilation, and Survival of Minorities in China: The Case of the Kaifeng Jews;  MICHAEL POLLAK, The Manuscripts and Artifacts of the Synagogue of Kaifeng: Their Peregrinations and Present Whereabouts;  LEO GABOW (1916–1998), Jewish Property in Kaifeng; XU XIN, On the Religious Life of the Kaifeng Jewish Community in the 15th–17th Centuries; ZHANG QIANHONG and LI JINGWEN Some Observations on the Descendants of the Jews in Kaifeng; NATHAN KATZ, The Judaisms of Kaifeng and Cochin: Parallel and Divergent Styles of Religious Acculturation; HARTMUT WALRAVENS, Bibliographical Notes on Jews in China; YANG HAIJUN, Die Erforschung der Juden in China (Eighty Years of Research on Jews in China).

... to Shanghai: FANG JIANCHANG, History of Jews in Inner Mongolia, Liaoning, Beijing, Tianjin, and Qingdao (1911–1949); AVRAHAM ALTMAN, Controlling the Jews, Manchukuo Style; ZVIA BOWMAN, Unwilling Collaborators: The Jewish Community of Harbin under the Japanese Occupation 1931–1945; RENA KRASNO, History of Russian Jews in Shanghai; MAISIE MEYER; The Sephardi Jewish Community of Shanghai and the Question of Identity; CHIARA BETTA, Myth and Memory. Chinese Portrayal of Silas Aaron Hardoon, Luo Jialing and the Aili Garden Between 1924 and 1995; DAVID KRANZLER, Jewish Refugee Community of Shanghai 1938–1949; IRENE EBER, Flight to Shanghai 1938–1939 and Its Larger Context;  PAN GUANG, Uniqueness and Generality: the Case of Shanghai in the Annals of Jewish Diaspora; PAUL U. UNSCHULD, Ärzte aus Deutschland und Österreich in der Emigration in Shanghai zwischen 1934 und 1945; GERD KAMINSKI,  Dr. Jakob Rosenfeld, Mensch und Mythos; CHANG SHOOU-HUEY, China und Jiddisch. Jiddische Kultur in China – Chinesische Literatur auf Jiddisch; ALEXANDER KNAPP, The State of Research into Jewish Music in China; FRANÇOISE KREISSLER, Ein Journalist im Exil in Shanghai: Adolph J. Storfer und die Gelbe Post.

Europe, China and “the Jewish Paradox”: CLAUDIA VON COLLANI, Cabbala in China; RITA WIDMAIER, Zur Frage der Juden in China in der Korrespondenz von G.W. Leibniz; MARIÁN GÁLIK, The Old Testament of the Bible in Modern Chinese Literary Criticism and Creative Literature;  ZHOU XUN, Youtai: A History of the “Jew” in Modern China;  JOËL THORAVAL, Chinese Intellectuals and “the Jewish Paradox”; HUANG LINGYU, Research on Judaism in China; XU XIN, Document: Some Thoughts on Our Policy Toward the Jewish Religion – including a Discussion of Our Policy Toward the Kaifeng Jews. ROMAN MALEK (comp.), General Index with Glossary

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