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Catholic Church

Background Information

Katharina Wenzel-Teuber
Statistics on Religions and Churches in the People’s Republic of China – Update for the Year 2021
Figures on the Catholic Church in China and the Reception of Different Bible Editions (pp. 24-37) PDF

Gao Jingchuan
Prevention Concepts against Sexualised Violence
Reflections for the Work of the Church in China with Children and Young People PDF

Anthony Lam
Aussichten für die „Eine-Generation-Kirche“ im gegenwärtigen China  PDF

R.G. Tiedemann
Chinese Female Propagators of the Faith in Modern China
The Tortuous Transition from the “Institute of Virgins” to Diocesan Religious Congregations PDF

John B. Zhang
The Chinese Church’s Response to Migration within Mainland China
(Part I) PDF (Part II) PDF

Relationship: Church- Chinese State / Sino-Vatican Relations

Sinicization / Inculturation

Charity / Social Services

Catholic Churches in China

May 24th – Day of Prayer for the Catholic Church in China World Day of Prayer

News Update on Catholicism in China

Documents of the Holy See regarding China

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